I join Amal Academy to improve my communication skills and when I came here, I learn a lot of things. The way I start my journey by knowing myself, my weaknesses, my strengths, my values and principles and end with a positive energy.

We write a last note for each other in the last session on padlet board keep that padlet save on my Laptop so whenever I feel sad, I open it and read the last notes of my fellows

I always hesitate and feel shy to talk and connect with new people but when I came here. I…

I start searched on different online platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, edX and Alison .Initially, I plan to take course from Coursera but later on decide to choose edX to opt course. As I already take a course of Machine Learning from Coursera, this time I select a different website to expose my self to new experience and that is what I learn in Amal Fellowship.

Then I am little bit confuse so I talk to my amal fellow . He just me two , three websites .

And I enroll myself in future learn

When I started I want to develop and explore myself and personal growth . Before applying Amal academy I don’t know about the importance of team work . In start it’s take more time and I have no idea that they demand more time . Then I started to do work it seems hectic. then comes connecting the dots and core value PW and I was thinking about all my past that what I want to gain and what I gain and what next want to gain.

That thinking open my mind . I want to become a researcher but…

The journey of Amal Academy is very special for me .In every session and in every online course ,I learn new things and try to apply them practically in life. when the session start I am very shy to start communication with new people . Networking and passenger series are really impact on me .

Now I communicate more likely than past 2 months .

After spending two months of fellowship,I was satisfied that I improve myself a lot.But this activity made me realize deeply that my speaking skills and way of present my opinion in front of people is…

It’s really important to ask thoughtful questions at the end of the interview. we will be discussing some examples of questions that you should ask and should not ask. The questions you ask can help your interviewer remember you later on.

3 questions that you should ask your interviewer

Q : Happy to see you and what’s your post in that company? ( appropriate)

Q:What is the main objective of this company?( thoughtful)

Q: Am I join today?( open ended, passionate)

3 questions that you shouldn’t ask your interviewer

Q: What is the payment criteria? ( selfishness)

Q: Can I select?( closed ended)

Q: What is the criteria of shifting timing? ( that you are less interesting)


In college , I am the GR of my class . Our teacher is change and the new teacher are not suitable for us , her teaching way we can’t understand and we are really worried about our subject . By taking reviewing the opinion of whole class , I take a step and talk with the Head of Department . Department talked that teacher and then she get angry and cut the marks in assignment . I lead the class and make other solution by arranging the new teacher and overcome the problem of class. …

To overcome procrastination by using the Pomodoro technique

Step 1 i start a work after 25 minutes there is no distraction feel and then start again work … after doing 3 times and go back to work after 2 or 3 times .. i spend more time to spare in what’s app and distracted … i think to make habbit and parctise that pomodoro rule.. then it’s more applicable for me…

Spend 1 hour i come back to my work.. and 5th time same do.. and not distracted..

But it’s really helpful..

Answer 1: It’s a good experience.. also some…

  1. To initiate the step
  2. Work hard and improve continuously
  3. Solve the problems by your ideas
  4. Communicate to the ground members
  5. Take feedback and improve more

2. Passion, focus, ideas, improve ,serve , persist

3. To passionate for your goals, knowing the weakness and improve it.. It’s Favorite tip.

4. I start working on it. Improveing myself by saying u can do it..

5. To develop growth mindset to communicate yourself that u can do. Thinking new ideas to slove number of solutions..


As a human being, it’s necessary to look after around the Community, Town, City and Country.

We share our food, clothes, happiness and helping each other.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saly laho elahy waahlihi wasalam) said that of the most rewarding actions in Islam is: aiding those in need, gladdenting the heart of a Muslim, feeding the hungry, and helping the afflicted..

He(saly laho elahy waahlihi wasalam) also said : “ Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant aids his brother “

I really realize that it’s very common Issue But its so necessary to provide food, clothes , education of poors and needy to live. I take little step to educate poor children in my mohalla, who can’t afford. To help each other it is true happiness .

Maryam Shair

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